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  • What is blogging

    Blog: The word “Blog” comes from the word “Weblog”. It is a World Wide online diary. Blogger: The person who involves in publishing on blog by accumulating helpful and valuable content for the readers is called Blogger...

  • Make a successeful career in blogging

    Content in the blog should be unique, helpful & impressive. First of all, I want to say that “Content is the king”. Content is of many types for example, informative articles, interesting images or online fun full games etc. We can make blog in any topic but the content of the topic must be fresh & unique. With the help of content you can easily and quickly make your Blog popular.

    If the qualities of the contents are good then your blog’s link will get natural links because of which your article will get higher rank on Google SERP (search engine result pages). Don’t do grammars mistake and keep your article simple and easy to understand for the readers so they don’t find any difficulty in reading your article.